Climb To The Top of Your Business Niche!

Most people go into business for the freedom and lifestyle opportunities that it can provide. However, the unfortunate reality is that most small business owners struggle to stay focused, keep motivated, and find clarity. My commitment to you as a business owner is to help you go from being “self employed” to owning a commercial, profitable, enterprise. To ultimately bridge the gap between where you are now and where you want to be.

Each coaching program package provides a supportive framework for you to explore your beliefs, dreams, values and behaviours whilst working towards achieving the outcomes you want in your life. Generally, depending on your circumstances, the programs are 3-6 months in length. Meeting locally in personal, or internationally via Skype or by telephone once a week for an interactive 60 minute session tailored to your business needs.

Intensive Individualized Business Coaching

Feel stuck trying to start your business?

Having trouble determining the next steps to expand your business?

Are you having difficulties juggling your business and family life?

Are your competitors receiving better results?

The professional coaching program provides a business platform to interweave your personal and professional passions. During our time together, we will uncover your values, skills, strengths, lifestyle goals, and the problems you are passionate about solving to develop a rewarding business action plan. Whether you are an entrepreneur or have a pre-established business the goal of the program is to uncover what is holding you back your goals and develop clear solutions. Ultimately, with the help of the program you will feel satisfied that the creation of the business of your dreams is underway.

Don’t let past setbacks and disappointments leave you feeling stressed and worried about your career! Take action NOW!

What To Expect

The coaching programs are not counselling or therapy of any type. They are not private motivational seminars, a powerpoint presentation or a collection of audio/video sessions. Instead, with the use of Socratic Questioning, the coaching programs will provide a practical, forward-thinking way to gain clarity on your desires, objectives, passions, and goals.