Stop Waiting For The Weekend

For the last couple weeks this topic has popped into my head quiet frequently. When I catch myself repeatedly staring at the clock waiting for my shift to end. When I’m waiting in line at the grocery store. When I’m sitting in traffic. When I’m walking behind someone on a sidewalk. No I’m not talking about how thin my patience can get when it feels like my time is being wasted, but what I am talking about is just how much of our lives we spend waiting.

Waiting for dinner to be ready.

Waiting for the bus to come.

Waiting for the TV commercials to end.

Waiting for the microwave to beep.

Waiting for that text back.

Waiting for the coffee to brew

Waiting for graduation day.

Waiting for that promotion.

Waiting for “a sign”.

Waiting for the music ads to end.

Waiting for the car in front of us to finally go when the light turns green.

Waiting at the doctor’s office.

Waiting to get through airport security.

Waiting in traffic.

Waiting for our friends/family to get ready

Waiting for our paycheck.

Waiting on for the representative to take us off hold.

Waiting for our call to be picked up.

Waiting to be older.

Waiting for the shops to open.

Waiting for products to go on sale

Waiting for the weather to change

Waiting for a better job.

Waiting for “Mr/Mrs right”

Waiting for success

Waiting for the semester to finish.

Waiting for the New Year

Waiting to get the okay from others to follow our dreams.

I decided to “nerd out” for a moment and calculate just how long we spend waiting for the weekend, assuming we start feeling this way when we enter into kindergarten at the age of five until we reach the average Canadian life expectancy age of eighty.

If we’re constantly living for the weekend then we are only living for 28% of our lives!

Seems pretty disheartening right? Combining that and everything else we wait for in life and we can basically say that is how we spend almost all of our time. We spend all this time waiting, but so little time appreciating the moment we’re in.

 I guess the big question then is how to stop spending all of this time waiting for what’s next and start enjoying each moment of our lives. The task its self can seem daunting. There is so much we feel like we have to do that we don’t necessarily want to do. Having things we don’t want to do is totally okay. The key is to find a way to make these things enjoyable.

To figure out some of your options to make discouraging tasks enjoyable. Try writing out a list of 25 things you enjoy doing that you can do at almost any moment to change how you feel. Ensure that this list does not include the use of any drugs, alcohol, or other addictive substances.

This exercise has helped me so much! As some of you may know I have been in the midst of completing my farm work so that I can qualify for a second year of my Australia Working/Holiday Visa. The days are long and not entirely exciting. I used the above exercise to help me enjoy almost every minute of it (an example of my list of 25 things I enjoy doing that change how I feel will be located at the bottom of the blog). Some things included in my list may be practical in your own lives, but everyone is unique and copes with situations differently.


Along with doing your best to make each situation you’re in extra enjoyable, it is important to take the time and be grateful, grateful for the little things, the ordinary things, our struggles, and our strengths. Doing this on a daily basis is said to make a positive impact in a profound and practical way to our happiness and well-being. It allows us to fully experience the events of our lives instead of allowing us to rush through them without gratitude.

It’s one thing to say we appreciate and are grateful for our day-to-day lives, but an entirely other thing to actually feel it. Recently, I’ve being doing a bit of research on how as humans we are constantly dissatisfied and craving something more. This is commonly referred to as our desire for instantaneous gratification. Although it’s an entirely different upcoming blog topic altogether, it is important to take it into consideration when evaluating how much time we spend waiting.

Realistically, most people hate waiting. We tend to avoid the things that take time and effort to complete. We then procrastinate and look for the easier option in most situations; we think, “Oh that can wait… I’d rather do _____”. Let me give you a bit of a wake up call.


Life isn’t a dress rehearsal! You’re not going to get today back and quite frankly you’re not guaranteed a tomorrow either. Now is a better time than ever to take control, to take action, and to be appreciative for each moment of your life.



25 Things I Enjoy Doing That I Can Do At Almost Any Moment That Change How I Feel 

  1. Listen to music
  2. Stretch
  3. Day dream
  4. Ask questions
  5. Have meaningful conversations
  6. Plan for the future
  7. Think of blog topics
  8. Think of new ways I can help other’s achieve their dreams
  9. Reflect
  10. Practice my handstands
  11. Dance
  12. Sing
  13. Read
  14. Learn
  15. Look at something blue
  16. Spend time in the sun
  17. Take a shower
  18. Have a long hot bath
  19. Coming up with a new idea
  20. Talk to those who I love
  21. Think about what I’m going to cook for dinner
  22. Nap
  23. Spend time outside
  24. Take a moment to appreciate life
  25. Discover new things

I’ll be back for more next week,

Kristyn Breeze


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