“The Future Depends On What You Do Today” The Importance of Gandhi’s Famous Words As The New Year Approaches

“The future depends on what you do today.”

“The world is waiting for you.”

“The world is your oyster.”

We see quotes similar to the above on a regular basis throughout our day-to-day lives. Yet for some reason the majority of people postpone following their dreams and reaching their goals until the new year begins. They bank on the fact that they’ll stick to their “New Year’s Resolution” this year, unlike they did last year…and the years before that.

I don’t know how many years in a row my New Year’s resolution was to “get more fit, tone up, or lose some weight” as I indulged in Christmas sweets and desserts and drank sugary cocktails in celebration of New Year’s Eve.

The truth of reality is that to reach your goals and chase your dream you have to commit. You have to have the passion. The drive. The willpower. If you have all these it is not necessary to postpone your dreams and goals until that January first start date.

I’ve always been spontaneous and extremely stubborn when it came to getting what I wanted or doing what I wanted. However, up until recently I had never truly understood how important it is to have the willingness to take action.

There are so many possibilities and opportunities available in life, you just have to have the desire to achieve them. With the passion and proper mindset we can practically be anything we want to be and do anything we want to do in the world. Sounds cliché, but it’s true. There’s a part of all of us that believe this, but the majority of us tend to hold back.

12289642_10153780028577276_2177069812934014905_nSo why do we do this? Why do we feel like we have to wait for the perfect opportunity, a sign, a guaranteed result, or a surge of bravery?  Dr. Robert Holden suggests the following could be some of the reason we hold back from accomplishing our goals:

  • You’re scared you won’t succeed.
  • You’re too shy to take the leap.
  • You’re too nervous to commit.
  • You’re too reserved to try something new.
  • You feel unworthy.
  • You feel you don’t deserve it.
  • Someone is telling you that you can’t.
  • You’re sacrificing yourself so you don’t hurt someone you love or to avoid conflict.

The date changing over from December 31st to January 1st is not going to change your mindset on any of the above explanations as to why you haven’t accomplished your goals. But what it will do is make you feel even more lousy when your New Year’s resolution results in failure because you weren’t ready and willing to achieve it. If you have the genuine desire and really care about making a change you will start trying to achieve it as soon as you put your mind to it.

Robert Hutchinson, a transformational coach and wellbeing consultant helping people create greater success in business and wellbeing in life has the following thoughts on New Year’s resolutions:

“Breaking habits involves retraining the brain, and this takes a great deal of effort and determination. Big changes take time, patience and commitment. Relying on a calendar change to give you a boost of commitment and determination is not the smartest strategy. If you’re serious about change you need to find the drive to change deep within yourself. Your problems are yours and yours alone, as are your dreams and the motivation to change yourself. Don’t wait to take action, you’re way too valuable to delay making a commitment to your well-being and success at a later date.”
His explanation sums up the correlation between Gandhi’s famous quote “the future depends on what you do today” and the concept of New Year’s resolutions. There are different moments in life that waiting is necessary, but you shouldn’t postpone doing something that will make you feel happier or help you succeed. For the rest of this year and every year after that remember that you are worthy, that you have the power to succeed, and you can accomplish anything that you put your mind to.  There are so many things in the world that are already there, waiting for you to be willing to try.

So stop procrastinating! Stop pondering, wishing, thinking or dreaming that something specific will happen in your life. Take action and start now! You don’t need to wait for the 1st to make a change or do something that inspires you.

15731690_10154923435207276_2129286293_nStill not convinced? There are three primary examples of times in my life that I decided to let go of the fear and work towards accomplishing my goals. Each of these decision  I have not regretted in the slightest and they have only resulted in filling my life with more joy.

  1. Getting on the happiness boat!
    A few years ago I would have never imagined myself reading self-help books and blogging about my experiences and progress. I would’ve been too shy to share my thoughts in fear that I would be judged and ridiculed. Once I let go of this fear amazing results occurred. I receive messages regularly from people asking for advice and telling me about their self-help stories and how I’ve inspired them to not give up. I read and blog to give myself clarity about my goals and aspirations, being able to inspire others while I do this is a result I never expected.
  2. Getting into Acroyoga!
    I can’t explain my love for this sport, but what I can explain is that it doesn’t come easy. Some of the simplest looking poses and stunts take try after try to succeed in. It’s about having the willpower to get back up from falling from a pose and trying again over and over until you nail it. It’s about the love and community that surrounds the sport and everyone involved in it. A month or so ago when I first saw acroyoga being preformed I wouldn’t have guessed that I’d be able to come this far in such a short amount of time, but it’s about having the willingness to practice and not give up.
  3. Travelling (yes, we all knew this one was coming)
    Words can’t explain what travelling has taught me and how much it has made me grow as a person. I can’t imagine what my life would be like if I didn’t take that initial step to leave everything behind to explore the world. It was a big step into the unknown that was filled with fear and anxiety, but WOW the positive impact it has made on my life is astounding.

On that note, I hope you’re convinced that you can make a change in your life starting right now! You don’t need to wait until January to start your resolution. You can start today!

“Be ready and let yourself receive. Be ready and let yourself be guided, be helped, be inspired, be blessed, and be loved. Be ready and willing, for the truth is that nothing moves in the world without your willing it.” – Dr. Robert Holden 

I’ll touch base next week in the new year,

Kristyn Breeze xx



  1. You are making your dreams come true and you are inspiring others. It doesn’t get much better than that. Happy New Year and safe travels.


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