Choosing The More Positive Perspective – How It’s Brought More Joy To My Life

Since my last post Don’t Let Your Self Image Define Your Life I’ve been able to implement a lot of the important concepts I’ve been discussing into my life.  I also had the opportunity to take a spontaneous trip to Byron Bay. For those of you who are unfamiliar, Byron Bay is a small coastal town on the south-eastern coast of Australia. It’s famous for good hippy-like vibes, fabulous beaches and of course its famous light house walk.

What brings me to my next post is the importance of choosing your perspective. This was especially relevant in my life this week because I returned from my trip this weekend to realize that all of my photos had been deleted from my computer (THOUSANDS: family pictures, travel pictures, high school memories, etc. GONE). I went through the basic steps of following google’s advice and even contacting Apple Support twice but nothing was able to make the images and videos return. There was many different ways I could’ve reacted to this situation.

Panic. I could’ve panicked at the thought of loosing thousand of memories captured in more than 8 countries.I could’ve let the thought of it consume me and stress about it until my anxiety became so high that my emotion turned to anger. Anger. I could’ve lashed out at Apple’s Technical Support and blamed15369753_10154851905012276_1997804218_o them and their affiliation with the company for my unfortunate incident. I could’ve became hesitant about uploading more images to my computer or I could’ve become sad and contemplated whether or not taking photos is even worth my time if they are just gong to disappear. Sadness. I could’ve became extremely upset knowing that I don’t have duplicates of many of the pictures I lost.

So if I didn’t react in the above ways how did I react?

Instead of panicking, becoming angry, or letting sadness fill my thoughts I decided to look at the incident with an open mind. I thought to myself hmmm how could this situation be for the better? First, I always think to myself no matter what happens it’ll all work out. If you know me well enough to talk to me on a regular basis, you know this is often my philosophy for almost all situations I come across. I then realized that I could use this to encourage myself to make more memories and take even more pictures. Before the incident my computer memory was running so low that I couldn’t even download a document and especially couldn’t upload an individual photo – let alone a collection of pictures. But now I’m excited to say that I have tons of free space to upload all of my new adventures too! I also took the incident as an opportunity to learn a lesson. To be sure to always backup anything I don’t want to lose.

Choosing the more positive perspective when dealing with different situations doesn’t have to be as complicated as the situation above. A simpler and less complex example of how I choose to look at a possibly negative situation in a positive way was this week when I had a brand new drink spilt out of my hand as I was walking from the bar. Luckily, I bought two at once. However, the thought of watching an $8.00 mixed spirit spill onto the ground didn’t sit well considering how tight of a budget I’m on. Nevertheless, instead of getting angry I decide to take a deep breath and shrug it off. I looked at the incident and perceived it as I didn’t need the sugar that was in that anyway and two drinks would’ve been a hassle to hold in the crowd. I had this positive mindset, however the friend that I was with insisted that I be sassy and ask the person to buy me another drink. I kept insisting no it’s not worth the stress.

This is where my philosophy of no matter what happens it’ll all work out kicks in. Not long after the person that spilt my drink brought to me a beverage they had bought for me due to the mishap without me even asking. Not only was the action itself extremely kind and generous, but it was also a drink I had never tried before that had way less sugar in it. How cool is that?! I could’ve freaked out and gotten upset about what had happen, but instead I remained calm and it all worked itself out in the end.

As proven above, one thing I’ve realized more than anything is how much of a difference your thinking can make. Often, your ego makes your decisions for you. Your ego is your self-image and your self-image can be an insatiable interpreter. It is often too quick to interpret the events that impact your life on a daily basis. Frequently, interpretation is done so quickly that panic, anger, judgement, fear and anxiety can cloud the mind from trying to see the good in everything. Shifting your perception will help you un-cloud your mind and open it to see the a more positive perspective. This is for your best interest and can ultimately assist you on your journey to happiness.

You have the free will to believe absolutely anything you want, so why not open your mind, your heart and your soul to more blissful and positively fulfilling perceptions? Rid you yourself of the negativity that is causing you more harm than good and more pain than happiness.   15368850_10154851960757276_634995756_o

For some people, this can be a difficult concept to perform on a day-to-day basis. In my reading this week of Dr. Holden’s novel Shift Happens! How To Live an Inspired Life… Starting Right Now! He discusses how to do this by using The 180 Degree Shift method:

The 180 Degree Shift

  1. Declare to yourself – This could mean anything thing and think what if bad is good, wrong is right, and this trouble is a gift.
  2. Suspend all judgments and clear your mind.
  3. Be open to higher inspiration, new perception, and a more positive interpretation.

It is important to remember that willingness goes a long way and that if your really set your mind to something that it can be done. In the mean time, I’ll be continuing to practice The 180 Degree Shift to ensure that I am focusing on the perspective that with fill my life with the most joy.

Until next week,

xx Backpacking Breeze


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